Oku Cobham
6 min readMay 7, 2021

When do you prefer to exercise?

We all know the impact of working out regularly, and its role on the attainment of a healthy body and a sound soul. But not everyone of us does understand why we need to exercise, and the best time to exercise to yield best results.

It is always misinterpreted to be a sole duty of sports people to workout, but embarking on any type of exercise, serves as a bigger portion of our bodily medication for a healthy living. Most commonly, people tend to workout when they feel the need to maintain and (or) build a good body shape or keep fit.

For instance, working out because:

  • You want to lose weight
  • You yearn for muscular (or body) build-up
  • You are pregnant or on period.
  • You’re sick or injured.

Always, I don’t believe you’ll need to wait till you have a bag filled with reasons, before you begin to exercise regularly, understanding its essence is a reason enough to propel you. Exercising regularly keeps you active physically and mentally, and may also help you live longer.

Below are reasons why you need to exercise regularly:

Regular Exercise Controls Weight:

When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more serious the activity, the more calories you burn.

The human body spends energy in three ways: digesting food, exercising, and maintaining body functions such as your heartbeat and breathing.

While dieting is known for lowering your metabolic rate and delaying weight loss, regular exercise on the other hand will increase your metabolic rate which will in turn burn calories and help you lose weight faster.

Exercise Combats Health Conditions and Diseases:

Working-out regularly helps prevent and manage many health problems and conditions such as:

  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Many types of cancer.

Daily physical exercise is vital to maintaining and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Working-out Regularly Can Elevate your Mood:

Exercising has proved to contribute to your happiness and also, assist reduce feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress.

It boosts the production of “endorphins”, the hormone responsible for positive emotions and reduction of the feeling of pain.

Aside from that, you may feel better looking at yourself and physical appearance when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Exercise Enhances Your Sleep Quality:

Especially when you are affected by sleep disorders, regular physical workout, regardless of its type, can help you have a better sleep and as well make you feel fully energized during the day.

But, as an advice, I will urge you avoid workouts close to bedtime. Else, you will be too energized to go to sleep.

It Boosts Your Energy Level:

Regular exercise seems to be more effective at combating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) than other mild treatments such as relaxation. Because, through regular exercise, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tissues, which helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Hereby increasing energy levels, that will aid your body system to tackle daily tasks.

Workout Can Boost Your Sex Life:

Physical Activity can boost the sexual desire, function, and execution in men and women. It can also encourage decline in the threat of erectile dysfunction.

Committing to regular exercise routine, can increase blood circulation, tone muscles and boost flexibility, all of which can enhance your sex life.

Exercise has been verified to boost sex drive and orgasms more often among women who engages in active and energetic physical activity such as, weight training or sprinting.

Nevertheless, for you to experience some of these benefits, you will have to pay for coaching and facilities to earn pleasing results. Anyway, if you can’t afford to hit the gym or hire a trainer. On a basic level, you should consider taking on simple activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Squat
  • Yard work (mowing or raking)
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Biking
  • Playing tennis, Golf, football, basketball, or volleyball.

Now that you know why working out is good for you, this should make getting off from anywhere and into the gym a lot simpler, not minding the time of the day.

As for me, I am a morning exerciser, but I have experiences working out in all the times of the day- morning, afternoon, and evening. And I truly understand how challenging it is to find the best time to host a session. But, if you want to optimize your exercise and gain full satisfaction from it, then this next section is a must read for you.

Do you want to know what some health and fitness gurus say about morning exercise?

There are a lot of mysteries you’ll need to know about “ early morning workouts”. You’ll come to agree with me that settling for “morning” at the end, is truly the best.

Morning exercise is the most recommended, because this is when you’re most likely to gain the most from your workout.

Here we go:

You’ll Burn Stored Fat:

Working out in the morning enhances your metabolism. This means that your body burns more calories (fats) after you workout in the morning.

Especially, exercising in the morning before breakfast, is a sure way to burn stored fat, which aids weight loss.

There will be Less Distractions:

working out in the morning typically ensures you’re going to be encountering fewer distractions. For instance, you’re less likely to receive phone calls, text messages, emails, or even tackle your day’s to-do list when you first wake up in the morning.

Then you are lost likely to follow through with your morning exercise, without distractions.

It Breeds Consistency:

When your work session is scheduled to host in the morning, you won’t interrupt your workout schedule with other daily activities, that you can barely avoid.

For instance, if you exercise in the evening, you will run the risk of being stuck in traffic or coming back late from work, or coming home still saddled with unexpected to-do items.

But when you workout first thing in the morning, you are least-likely to have something to “just come up” and exercising will be your first priority and it will get done.

Increased alertness:

In the early morning hours, you naturally have elevated levels of cortisol.

Cortisol is the hormone that keeps you awake and alert. Also known as the “stress hormone”, which only becomes a problem when too much or too little of it is secreted.

The cortisol hormone is responsible for the early motivation, which according to science reaches its peak at around 8 a.m.

This is undoubtedly, another reason you should exercise in the morning.

Morning Work out Routine Improves Sleep Quality:

Exercising early in the morning gives your body a sense of fatigue, at the end of the day and will be ready to sleep.

Exercising outside in the morning offers even more sleep-related perks. Light exposure early in the day may help increase melatonin levels at night.

A research by the Vascular Health and Risk Management proved that adults got better sleep on the days they exercised at 7 a.m.

More overall energy

Regular exercise is excellent for boosting energy and reducing fatigue. When you work out, oxygen and nutrients travel to your heart and lungs. This improves your cardiovascular system, endurance, and overall stamina.

By exercising early, you may feel more energized throughout the day.

Morning Exercise Improves Your Physical and Mental Energy

Engaging in morning workouts is your all-natural cup of coffee. Wake up your body and prepare your mind.

Movement can be a tremendous source of energy, something many of need when we start our day. But beyond that, morning exercise has been shown to improve focus and mental abilities all day long. Not only will you feel awake and have more energy after your workout, but your mind will be ready to take on whatever tasks you have lined up that day.

Some research has measured the effectiveness of exercise to “wake up” the mind, and the results show that it does a better job than coffee!

Early Morning Workouts Help You Develop Strong Self-Discipline

I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that waking up early in the morning to exercise enhances your personal discipline. Just like any habit, developing the discipline to get up and exercise in the morning only gets easier with time.

Perhaps more importantly, this discipline is likely to spill over into other areas of your life. After all, if you’re going to such lengths to exercise each morning, pairing that work with healthier eating, as an example, only makes sense.

Exercise In the Morning and Love Your Life!

Do I even need to argue this one? You have created a strong habit of morning exercise, your metabolism is flowing, your body is looking and feeling better, you’re sleeping well at night, and your mind is as sharp as ever. Are you enjoying your new life yet?

Exercise has been touted as a cure for just about anything that ails you. Frequent colds? Exercise. Poor digestion? Exercise. Feel depressed? Exercise.

Exercise is a trigger that release endorphins (our built-in happiness drug). Here is an excellent video that highlights a few of the ways that establishing your regular exercise routine will make your life more enjoyable.

Disclaimer: First, I’m not a certified trainer. These are tips I’ve read elsewhere that work well for me. Second, you should always get a doctors approval of any new workout plan.