I Once Cared About People’s Judgment

Oku Cobham
4 min readJul 14, 2021

Now, it is 300x below the 369 things I care less about…

Lately, I’ve been thinking of how my life would’ve been if I ignored the urge to at least write down my pains and thoughts.

The more I wrote down my thoughts, the better I felt.

As time went on, I began venturing every path I could as a writer. From poetry and screenwriting to content writing and copywriting.

Although, the processes I passed through to achieve these skills posed me differently to people than the way I regarded myself. People’s comments about my “know-how” Pushed me to bestow doubts to limit my self-confidence.

I was regarded as an unserious and aimless person because I was passionate about an unrealistic purpose (they thought).

Practicing and taking tutorials on “YouTube” and “Udemy” on how to write an enticing poem today, and after 6 months, learning how to write a stunning screenplay. And after a few years, you’re back on the net, learning how to master how to craft engaging content and copy for clients.

Back then, even without people asking, I’d immediately say words to save myself to avoid getting fried and jeered at- but that didn’t change a thing.

Their doubts about my abilities spurred me to learn a new one.

Meanwhile, it was believed that my consistent failure in the former skills led to learning another ( but they thought wrong).

Perhaps, it’s because the testimonials were made reserved.

Regardless, I’ve been thinking of the best way to congratulate myself, for all I’ve achieved so far, although very few persons (I and clients) know about these achievements.

So, I’ve decided to confer myself an exceptional prize. One that can speak for me in my absence, pilot my relevance, a name that will always remind me of how I got here, and how I’ve emerged a reserved champion.

Again, this award is my way of applauding myself when no one is, will ever, and (or) where no one can’t.

Imagine hearing, “Oku Cobham, the word samurai”. What will come to your mind?

All the intriguing qualities of a wordsmith, a legend, a word slayer, name it…

However, I’m not presenting myself as the “word samurai” just to gain acceptance, or be welcomed and all. No!

This is just me, Patting my shoulder and commending my endeavors and pains that made me the better person I am now.

This title gives me a more rewarding satisfaction and solace.

You know what? Not everybody can be me or like me, or even daring to try what I’ve done.

Intriguing right? Here’s the thing

You’ll need to be extremely confident in yourself and your abilities to be like me or even try what I’m doing. Believing what you can perpetrate and trusting in your abilities to attain whatever without depending on external appreciation is phenomenal.

But I erected my ladder living with this.

Mind you, I’m not arrogant- I appreciate opinions and criticisms and I equally accept responsibilities for my “ill-do’s”. Even as the word samurai, learning and committing blunders are inevitable and I am not blanking that.

Whatever it is, I believe that I am rare, efficient, exceptional, I am phenomenal, you know…

The truth is, I once cared about people’s judgment of my decision, but right now? It is 300xs below the 369 things I care less about.

Trust me, I feel satisfied up to my jaws.

Certain things shouldn’t affect your existence, and people’s perception of you is one. I’ll advise you to find your passion, discover all you can do, and find a path to your purpose.

Then later, reward yourself for the stress you’ve been through.

It’s certainly not a wrong idea to praise yourself, reward yourself, or commend your efforts, at least not arrogantly… After all, you’re the main character and the plot pilot in your life’s movie. So, ain’t nothing wrong with giving yourself some accolades for completing that task, attending that interview, getting that new job or promotion.

You know why? Everyone knows it’s not easy, but only you know how tough it was. Plus, not everyone cares about these achievements and kinds of stuff if it doesn’t link to them. So instead of hanging your inspiration and happiness on people’s responses, again, I’ll advise you weave that crown for yourself and wear it. Then see for yourself how much better and satisfied you’ll become.

And If possible, write about it and tag me, your Word Samurai.


Oku Cobham.