Except You Don’t Crave a Weekend in the Maldives

Oku Cobham
4 min readAug 8, 2021
Maldives resort

The Maldives is an island in southern Asia. A cool and cozy spot for a well-deserved vacation. But I can’t count on many professional 9 to 5 jobs that can give you this life and freedom thrice a year unless you’re an executive or a successful CEO.

Many people in the 9 to 5 society work a whole year and save to either pay rent, buy a dream car or (and) house, keep up and cater for the primaries. After the annual break (if any), rinse and wash and repeat for another 365days.

Like I’ve said, there are people in this society that make it out smiling every year with little stress, but then, what assures you’ll be here one day?

My intention is not to bring a bear to the party of the corporates. No. Never.

But since you can’t eat your cake and have it, what if I propose a baking process that can be done with reduced stress and Increased comfort, compared to how you would be drained in a suit and tie from Monday to Friday?

I’m not a fan of “start a business to be successful”, although it works. I’d rather advise that you take on the sister — making yourself the business by Learning a high-income skill.

Learn coding, digital marketing, copywriting, learn graphics, these skills are in high demand — this alone is a sure ticket to your dream life.

Let me break it down here for a better understanding.

1. Coding

Coding is simply using computer programming languages to instruct computers or machines on what to do. Coding birth websites, mobile applications, games, and other technologies we use daily.

If you desire a career in Tech, here it is for you. There are various areas you could choose to focus on, you could choose to be a Front-end developer, Back-end developer, Full-stack developer, Software developer, Mobile developer, etc.

Computer programmers are hot cakes in every industry today and also, one of the highest-paid with beginners earning up to $50k yearly and senior-level programmers at $85k per annum.

2. Digital marketing

You know why you can’t go out of fashion as a digital marketer? The current transformation of how information is consumed and disseminated. Digital marketing involves using online media channels to either create awareness or generate leads for a brand, digital channels like social media.

While you don’t necessarily need a university degree to be a digital marketer, with proper skill sets such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Email Marketing, et cetera on an average scale, you can earn up to $54k annually.

3. Copywriting

Yeah? This does not relate to copyrighting in any way.

Copywriting is sales in the paper. If you are a persuasive salesman, you should learn the craft of copywriting. For a better understanding, copywriting involves writing for advertorial purposes. Writing radio jingles, TV ads, billboard ads, sales letters, promotional emails, landing pages, and the list goes on.

The rule of thumb here is to persuade readers to either buy a product, signup for a newsletter or create awareness. The eye-catching Coca-Cola billboard you see on the highway? Is a good example of what a copywriter does.

Businesses are hiring copywriters like crazy, and the sweet thing here is you get to choose whether to freelance, be an in-house writer for a marketing team, or a staff copywriter with an agency.

At an average scale, staff and in-house copywriters make over $80k annually, and some freelance copywriters make over $100k per annum without a university degree.

The mind-blowing fact here is that you don’t need a Uni or college degree to enjoy the perks of these skills, what you need at most is a computer, Wi-Fi, YouTube, Smartphone, social media to meet like minds and create connections, and a bowl of nuts or favorite crunchies.

Once you master any of these skills, you understand how to market yourself, and your skills? It may not be in the Maldives, depending on personal choices. But be assured, you’ll forever be glad you made the change.

I learned about this when I was 19, my elder brothers at 22 and 27. Regardless, with expertise in these skills, our best office outfits have been flip flops, shorts, and tank tops and the dream for a regular and expensive vacation abroad still stands. I can’t say when, but be on look out here, testimonies many pour out in months.