Content writer or Copywriter: Know who to hire for your next project

Oku Cobham
4 min readJan 3, 2022
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Should you want to hire a writer for your next project? Know who fits perfectly for the job.

Whether you’re new in the industry or not but in need of a writer to write for your business, this is for you.

It’s likely that you may have done a few research and results like hiring a content writer or copywriter pops as the solution.

Your source is correct. Copywriters and content writers are the word gurus that can drive your business to your target audience.

However, there’s a lot of buzz around both skills that I’ll need to clarify, so you won’t make mistakes hiring the wrong expertise for the right job. That is hiring a content writer to do a copywriter’s job, and vice versa.

With this guide, you can never hire wrong.

Chances are you opened this because you need to employ the perfect writer for your business. Say someone to write your social media and blog post, the about and home page of your website, or more accurately, someone to write advertorials and promotional copy for your business, Products, or service.

In this post, you’ll learn what differentiates a copywriter from a content writer. This short guide will help you hit a grand slam on hiring the right skill for your writing needs.

Read on.

Who Should I Hire to Write for My Business?

As a business owner, the best pick for your writing tasks is to hire marketing writers. But then, you won’t hire just anyone in the uniform of a marketing/sales writer because this group has two different subsets: Copywriters & Content Writers.

But then, how do you know who to hire between a copywriter and content writer to write your blogs, advertisement, social media posts, about pages, and so on.

Get the Differences Here, and Hire Right.


A copywriter writes texts (copy) for advertising and selling. It typically involves writing a copy to either sell or advertise an idea, a person, brand, product, or service.

Too much?

A copywriter writes advertisements. For instance, Tv ads, Radio ads, billboard ads, Facebook & Google ads, etc.) For a business.

What copywriters do is called copywriting, and I can bet nobody sells with words better than they do. The goal of a copy is to convince a person to buy a product or subscribe to a service.

Think how Nike hacked into the emotions of their customers with their “Just Do It” tagline. That’s copywriting.

Copywriting interweaves persuasion and emotion to get people to buy a product or subscribe to a service. And that’s what only a skilled copywriter can do.


You can proudly hire a copywriter to write your:

  • Sales letter
  • Promotional emails
  • Advertisements( offline & online)
  • Landing page copy
  • Headlines for (Web pages, ebooks, blog posts, etc.)


A content writer writes educative and informational blogs, articles, social media posts, captions, etc. that informs and engages your audience.

Content writing goes beyond just writing blogs and social media posts and captions for Instagram and Facebook. It involves a decent understanding of SEO best practices, doing keyword research, having a content plan, and observing best practices of the various channels that content will be published.

SEO is an important skill to consider when hiring a content writer than it is for a copywriter. Do you know why?


SEO refers to search engine optimization. It uses what is known as “keywords”.

These SEO KEYWORDS are phrases you include in your content to allow google to show your content to people when they search using that keyword or related keyword.

This process involves a lot of research.

So, if your blog post, social media caption, articles… Is not optimized for SEO, it’ll be hard for your business to see the light.

SEO extends to even your web pages (About page, Home page, & contact page) too. These pages are to be optimized for relevant keywords that will match your prospects’ search intent, else it will be hard for your business to rank in search results for the products/services you offer.

Again, only an expert SEO content writer can help your blog posts/articles and Web pages rank top on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Now you see why you need an expert to handle these tasks for you?


Hire a content writer for your:

  • Blog/article writing
  • Social media posts and captions
  • Email marketing
  • Web page optimization
  • Content optimization.

To be a sales and marketing writer involves the ability to research, employ different techniques, and styles, to create content and copy that relates to their target audience.

As a business, it’s profitable to have both skilled content writers and copywriters in your team because they operate a symbiotic relationship in marketing.

A copy drives conversions and sales, and content grooms and nurtures the leads for more offers. And the process continues.

It’s simple.

  • Want to sell or promote your product or service? Call a copywriter
  • Need to be visible online when people search for your service/product on Google– use a content writer.

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